" 'It's a girl!' he cried, delighted as he held the piglet close."

This boy loves his babies. Henry is not a morning person but the moment I told him I needed his help with the new piglets, he shot out of bed (hence the pajamas in this photo). Ever so gently he helped me wash and dry her to warm her up and get her on her feet and eating. "It's a girl!" he cried, delighted as he held the piglet close. "Girls are my favorite" seeing my confusion he explained "because we can keep girls. I think I will name her Caramel."



"just like Fern had Wilbur, Henry has Caramel"

Caramel, her brother Joe Cool, and two sisters Tubby and Matilda were born this morning to a new sow who didn't take to caring for them very well so they're living in the house in a big box filled with straw and a heat lamp.  Henry is beyond excited to be caring for four piglets and helped Nealie carefully work with each of them to learn how to take a bottle.

Henry has been a busy boy taking care of bottle lambs since September and now just like Fern had Wilbur, Henry has Caramel.

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